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Written for "In Oz Drabble Tree No One Can Hear You Scream". Prompt: Fears and guilt fall away.

Death Becomes Her

by levitatethis

For Shirley, the walk to the gallows (and how wonderfully dramatic it had all sounded at first) is far more revelatory than expected.

Initially she felt it was all much ado about nothing, a punishment for something that had to be done. Later, when Satan's spawn grew in her belly, she knew death was her only salvation. Yet with each step, which draws her nearer the hangman's noose, fright and panic twist her insides.

Where others might feel their fears and guilt fall away in the face of eternity, she catches a glimpse of the fires of damnation and the blank slate of nothingness.

Ceasing to exist all together is as troubling as suffering the indignity of being Satan's whore.

Clenching her fists, a desperate scream rips free from her soul.

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