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Written for "In Oz Drabble Tree No One Can Hear You Scream". Prompt: He's not letting go of this.


by levitatethis

He knows what they're thinking--

The high and mighty Kareem Said plummeted to earth.

He feels their laughter, mocking the changing of the guard he had no say in. They question and ridicule with cruel delight his utter torment.

His own brothers have cast him out on the words of Hamid Khan; Iago dripping poisonous words into wilful ears.

He is...done for.

But there is one face--Beecher--that looks upon his with such affection and concern it nearly breaks his heart. He clings to it greedily and knows he is not alone in this abject darkness. Once upon a time Allah had seen fit to guide Beecher his way. Said had thought it was for Beecher's good. Now he knows Allah was preparing him for this moment as well, granting him a confidante, gifting him with a kindred soul.

This is a test.

He is human, yes; he must never forget this lesson. And he must prove to himself (and those who turned their backs) that he is a chosen person--humbled and awed at the will of Allah's mercy. He is not letting go of this.

Instead he is looking up at the torturous journey back to his rightful place.
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