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Tongue in cheek

Forever Yours

by Anne

Title: Forever Yours

Author: by Anne

Notes: Response to Grackles S5 Challenge and also inspired by the recent discussion of about Toby.

Warnings: Tongue in cheek

"Come on, Schillinger, bring it on," Chris said, broadening his stance, waving his home-styled shank. Schillinger was alone, a first. He had cornered Chris in the copy room. One of these days, they'll post a full-time guard in this fucking place, Chris thought.

"Oh, don't worry, Chris-to-pher. I'm bringing it," Vern said, crouching into position, brandishing his own metal weapon, ready to slice his ex-prag to ribbons. They began to circle each other like two animals, waiting for the right opportunity to plunge.

"So, no lackeys to do your dirty work today?" Keller taunted.

"Uh, uh, Chrissy. This one was too sweet to pass off. I wanted to feel your blood on my hands; to watch it leak out of your body. I want to see the life drain out of your body, so you can know what my son felt like."

"Well, you can try it, old man. But I'm a lot quicker than you are," Chris said and swung his arm out in a slicing gesture, but Schillinger moved back, just in time.

"Don't be too sure. I've still got moves. I'm stronger now than I was the day I arrived in Oz."

"Yeah, well, you've tried to kill me before and it hasn't worked so far."

"I never tried to kill you, Chris. If I had, you'd be dead. That was your nutball boyfriend did that."

"Whose activities you've been far too interested in over the years, wouldn't you say, Vern? For someone who passes himself as the posterboy for heterosexuality, you sure do have an awful lot of interest in what Beecher does on a day-to-day basis. What's up with that, Vern? You never got over him leaving you for me?"

"He never left me! I kicked him out because I got tired of him," Schillinger yelled, arcing his own shank and nicking Chris on the arm before he got safely out of reach.

"Bullshit, Vern. Beecher was stronger than you ever knew. You know, you can only kick a dog so many times before he bites back."

"I treated him good. He just didn't know how to show his gratitude."

"Like I did? By bending over, taking it and shutting up about it?"

"Come on, Chrissy, that's the price you gotta pay."

"Yeah, well, Beecher's done paying it."

"Is he?" Vern asked, his voice mocking. "I think maybe he's still paying the price for protection. He's just a little more willing with you than he was with me."

"You fuck," Chris said, ready to pounce, when he suddenly heard footsteps from the darkened room. //Oh God, does this bring back unpleasant memories.// But the attacker was not there for Chris. The dark-haired man saw an arm snake around Vern's neck from behind. Vern, who'd been standing there looking smug two seconds before, began flailing in panic. His arm shot up and began stabbing the anonymous arm, but it didn't yield. It held fast and tight.

Then Chris saw the familiar head emerge from behind Vern. Beecher looked deliriously happy with a demonic smile on his face. His arm was so tight around Vern's neck that the Aryan couldn't speak; he could barely breath.

"It's payback time, Vern. Final payment. No returns, no exchanges," he whispered and then giggled like an insane man. "Gotta newsflash for you, Vern. Chris didn't have Hank killed. I did. I would have killed that little fuck myself if I had been on the outside." Vern's arms were still flailing but he was weakening from the lack of oxygen.

"After I ordered the hit on Hank, I actually felt guilty. Took me awhile to figure it out, but I realized that Hank was the wrong target for my anger. After all, you're the one who told Hank to kill Gary, didn't you?"

Schillinger didn't respond because he couldn't. He eyes were starting to close, so Toby loosened his grip and heard Vern take in big gulps of air. While he was distracted, Chris stepped up and tore the shank out of Vern's grip. "Didn't you, Vern? And now, you want to take someone else I love away from me? I can't let that happen. Uh uh. Too many times I have underestimated you; what you're capable of. I tried to take the high road, but no more. This time, the buck stops here," he said and plunged a long, metal shank deep into Schillinger's heart from behind, twisting it. Blood began to spread across the front of his prison-issue shirt.

Schillinger's eyes opened wide in surprise, as if he couldn't really believe that Beecher had gone through with it. Then he slumped to the ground.

Chris watched Schillinger fall and then looked at Toby, recalling a bad memory from two years earlier. //Toby, was it you?// he'd asked. The way Toby had held Schillinger around the neck, immobilizing him. It had been the same when Chris was stabbed. He wanted to ask again, but he already knew the answer. Best to let some things lie.

Toby's gray t-shirt was covered in blood. Schillinger's blood. Toby stood there, breathing heavily, his chest heaving, a proud smile on his face. "Well, that takes care of that, eh? You wanted me to kill him months ago. I should have listened to you."

Chris was still stunned at the turn of events. "Toby, what the hell were you thinking? There's no way we can cover this up."

"Don't worry about it, Chris. Schillinger got his due. He was trying to kill you, remember?"

"But you could still get life for this."

Toby stepped up to Chris and put his hand on his shoulder. "I'm ready to accept that, if that's what happens. Besides, it'll give us more time together, right?" he said, smiling, like this was all some kind of cute joke.

"No, Toby. I didn't want this for you. You should be out with your kids."

"Chris, you and I both know my kids are better off with my parents. Holly has already spent half her life without me and Harry...well, he doesn't even remember me. Too many bad things have happened to hurt my kids - mainly because of my own stupidity, my selfishness. No more. That's over. From now on, I'm through thinking of Tobias Beecher first. My kids should be raised with my parents and I...well, I should be here in Oz. With you."

"Now, I know you're crazy, Beecher."

"No, I'm not. I've never been more sane. I don't belong out in the world. Oz didn't make me the way I am. It just helped bring out the person I already was. And you've always known that. You've always accepted me just the way I am; loved me for who I am inside. And how did I repay you? By turning you away every chance I got. By trying to run away from who I am," he said and shook his head. "I'm not going to do that anymore. From now on, Christopher Keller, I'm going to love you the way you deserve to be loved -- no holds barred, with everything I've got." He leaned into Chris, who was still a little stunned, and kissed him thoroughly. Chris opened his mouth, letting their lips brush together, then he wrapped his arms around Toby's waist.

"Are you sure about this, Toby?"

Toby nodded. "I'm yours forever, Keller. Will ya have me?" he asked, a big grin on his face.

Chris laughed and shook his head. "Well, let's at least clean this mess up first." They kissed again, letting their lips and tongues linger for a few minutes before they separated and left the room to go find a guard.


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