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Written for "In Oz Drabble Tree No One Can Hear You Scream". Prompt: The why doesn't matter.


by levitatethis

There's a spring in McManus' step as he makes his way back to his home, his creation, his damn baby.

He's been away too long and it's time to right the damage done. Everyone thought it would be so easy, after all anyone can run Em City. Of course they were all wrong and although he had imagined returning at the desperate plea of Glynn grovelling on hands and knees, in the end McManus is all too happy to slip back into his kingdom.

It's time to wipe Quearns' slate clean, annihilate the mess created with Adebesi as his right hand man. The specifics of what orchestrated the latest switch doesn't play on McManus' mind. On the issue of returning to Em City, the why doesn't matter; it's inconsequential bullshit.

As the gate slides open and McManus crosses the threshold, he takes in a deep breath and feels his nerves flare then settle.

His first love wraps him in a warm embrace.
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