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Warnings: Bad language, drug addiction, slash implied
Disclaimer: Don't own anything-not making profits; just having fun.
Notes: Slight A/U but not by much. This started out as rough porn, but somehow the porn part fell by the wayside, sorry.

In Love and War

by BK_Stabler aka NINdevotee

"Sorry Beecher, no can do," Ryan says dismissively.

"Why not, since when do you turn down money?" Toby asks, trying to keep the whine out of his voice.

"You know why," Ryan glares at him before stalking off.

. . .

"Something you want Beecher?" Chris asks, looking up from his latest porn magazine as Toby storms into his pod beginning to rummage through Chris' belongings.

"Give it to me Chris!" Toby demands, hands trembling, body drenched with sweat as he pilfers through Chris' roommate's belongings as well. He was going through withdrawals badly.

"You don't need that shit Beecher," Chris responds calmly before returning his attention to Ms. July.

"You don't know what the fuck I need! You fucking thief, give it back! I know you took it!" Toby roars, grabbing Chris' arm in a vice-like grip. Chris shoves Toby away roughly in a knee-jerk reaction, sending him flying across the pod. Enraged, Toby flies at him, but Chris is ready for him and shifts quickly into a sitting position at the opposite end of the bed on which he had just been reclining. The momentum of Toby's attack sends Toby flying face first into the pod wall. Chris is on top of him in a flash, pinning him face down into the mattress.

"The fuck I don't," Chris hisses into Toby's ear, locking Toby's arms behind his head with his own, immobilizing him. They are interrupted by loud raps on the pod door as Murphy orders them to break it up, threatening them with solitary confinement. Chris is up and off the bed, hands in the air in a show of compliance. After Murphy leaves, Chris sidles up to Toby, his voice a taunting whisper, "If it's a rush you want, there's somethin' else I got you can have."

"Fuck you!" Toby spats as he storms out of Chris' pod, nearly flattening Busmalis and Rebadow, along the way, who by now, are experts at getting out of the line of fire in the ongoing battle between Beecher and Keller.

"Now you're gettin' it Beech," Chris calls after Toby, laughing in that mocking tone Toby has grown to hate so much.

"We should ask McManus if we can move in with the Aryans, it'd be a lot safer than living next to Keller," Busmalis remarks to his friend. Rebadow nods his agreement.

The End.

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