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Based loosely after Season 4. I'd like to thank my 16 year old self for writing this in 2004.

Man Up

by Ozit

Beecher is sent to Unit B with Schillinger. Beecher has been there for a few days and Vern nor any of the other Aryans have said or done anything to him. Beecher walks past Vern'TMs cell.


He hears his name being called from Vern'TMs cell.


He looks into the cell, Vern is sitting on the lower bunk.


'oeCome here', Vern says with a demanding tone. Beecher hesitates for a moment, then walks in.


Vern grins and speaks 'oeHaving fun in Unit B?'

'oeIt'TMs a dream''that all?'

'oeThat all? Awwh, come on Sweetpea. You're acting like you don't care about Daddy'

Beecher looks like hes about to freak at this comment.

'oeFuck off, Vern'

Suddenly two large Aryans appear at the door and Beecher has no where to go. Beecher's face is fulled with a mixture of fear and panic.

'oeTake a set, Toby'

Beecher stares at the spot on the bed Vern is patting.

'oeCome on, don'TMt be shy' Vern teases.

Beecher can't help but rolls his eyes at Vern's comment.

Then unexpectedly Vern tugs Beecher down to the bed. Beecher is shocked and makes a jolting sound as he sits on the bed. Vern nods to the Aryans at the door and they walk away, but stay close.

'oe'.I take it you know, Beecher, how easy it would be for me to kill you now that you'TMre in Unit B?'

'oe'umm, yes.'

Silence for a moment.

'oeWell...are you planning to?' Toby sighs.

'oeThat'TMs why you'TMre here, so *we* can decide that. It's in your hands, Cupcake.' Vern smiles.

'oeWhat is that suppose to mean? What do you want from me?' he stressed with a look of frustration.

'oeYou wanna know the deal, Bitcher?'

Beecher glares at him, holding back his anger and rubs his forehead. 'oeGo for it'

'oeRight, I kill you, maybe not today or tomorrow, but sometime soon'.OR'.You do me a few *small* favors'

Beecher sighs 'oeEnlighten me?'

'oeThink back, Toby, the good old days.' Smirking.

Toby'TMs eyes open wide 'oeNO, no fucking chance'

'oeThat or nothing, Tobias' Vern states flatly.

'oeYou know I can'TMt''.Why would you want me to?'

'oeThat'TMs none of your business for now, so what is it, Beecher?'

Beecher sighs and buries his head in his hands.

'oeYou can walk out of here now and wait and see how you die'or'you can give me a kiss on the cheek and take my laundry away. What will it be?'

Toby feels like curling up in a little ball and crying. He doesn'TMt know what to do. He could chance walking away and going to McManus and tell him, but then the Aryans could still get him, it wasn'TMt even 50/50, his odds were not looking good. He could be Vern'TMs Prag again'.he could? He'TMd have to go through that all again, the embarrassment, the pain. Would it even be worth living? He was confused. He looked at Vern who was starting to look rather impatient. Thinking...I *could* just kiss his cheek and do his laundry this once and then think of a plan to get out of it'.it would buy me some time at least'but having to even sit beside him was hard'but kissing his cheek like he used to have to do every night after Vern raped him'that would be *hard*'What the fuck am I gonna do.



'oeI don'TMt have all fucking day, what will it be'

Toby looked around him and then looked down for a few moments before'zooming over and giving Vern a peck on the cheek and standing up.

'oeSmart choice, Sweetpea, laundries over there'

Christ, it hurt to hear that.

Chapter 2

In the store room. Toby is looking for some writing paper for Sister Pete when he hears something behind him. Toby turns around on alert.


'oeTime for that other favor, Cupcake.'

Oh dear God'

'oeSchillinger, I'I cant'I wont.'

'oeBreaking our deal Tobias? You know what will happen if you do. It is up to you though' Vern smiles teasing Beecher.

Beecher backs up until his back is against the store room wall.

Vern steps forward until he is right up in Beecher'TMs face, which makes him cower and shrink downward.


'oePlease? Please stick my cock in your mouth...well if you'TMre going to be so nice about it, why not.'

'oeNo. Vern'.Please'Don'TMt make me'

'oeHmmmm, Kiss me.'

A complete look of amazement and shock fills Beecher'TMs face.


He can'TMt believe what Vern has just asked. Why did he want Beecher to kiss him? That'TMs such a faggy thing to do, kiss another man. I mean making one suck your cock and fucking one in the ass is faggy, but not so much as to ask one to kiss you. Vern being an Aryan and all would never want a guy to kiss him, and defiantly not Beecher...right?

'oeYou. Kiss me...Now!'

A very confused Beecher moves forward and gives the man a peck on the lips.

'oeAnd that was?' Vern says unpleased.

'oe'a kiss.'

'oeWell, Sweetpea. I don't think that was good enough'

Toby looks down.

'oeBitch, kiss me now and fucking do it properly.'

Vern sounded angry and he's a scary man when he's angry. This prompted Beecher to do the unimaginable.

There lips met and Toby felt himself putting his tongue in Vern'TMs musky mouth, licking and tasting Vern'TMs tongue. Vern put his arms around Toby'TMs waist and pulled him close. Then his arms went around Vern'TMs tilted neck. Toby made a little moaning sound into Vern'TMs mouth, which made Vern push him hard against the wall. Toby could feel Vern'TMs hardness rubbing against his own. Hold on, his own? He was hard? How could this be? Vern couldn'TMt turn him on... But signs were telling Toby other wise. He could feel Vern pushing him down. He knew what Vern was aiming for and Toby knew he had to do it, he didn'TMt have a choice in the matter, of course.

'oeDown boy' Vern whispered to Toby and Toby did as he was told. He wasn'TMt thinking much about what he was doing, which was good, as if he realized what he was about to do he would probably vomit. He undid Vern'TMs bulging zipper and stared at what he had to *do*, remembering the other times he was made to suck on Vern. Vern pushing his head and telling him to swallow. He finally took Vern'TMs cock in his mouth, moving his head back and forth, sucking, licking, listening to Vern moan and rest his hands on the back of his head. Brings back memories, Toby thought. With a loud moan Vern came, Beecher pushing back as his mouth filled with Vern'TMs salty cum.

'oeMmh' Beecher mumbled as he swallowed Vern'TMs juices, not sure if he should stand up yet or wait for Vern to tell him to.

'oeAwwh, Good job, Prag, nice to know you haven'TMt forgotten how I like my cock sucked' Beecher sighed and stood up.

'oe'Will that be all?' He said disgusted at himself.

Vern smiled 'oeFor now, Sweetpea'

'oeRight'can I go now?' Beecher said impatiently

'oeCan I go now what?' Vern said with a grin.

Oh God, not this again. But he give in.

'oeCan I go now'.Sir'

'oeThat'TMs more like it, Prag, now beat it'


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