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My very first fiction, slash or otherwise. Needless to say the characters aren't mine & I'm gaining no monetary value from this story, just absolute sheer pleasure. Enjoy!


by BK_Stabler aka NINdevotee


I feel safe in the arms of a killer.

His kiss is fierce, almost brutal~my mouth, almost bruised by his hunger for them. He breathes into my hair, "Toby, Toby, Toby."

I am almost lifted off the floor as he pushes me up against the wall. I feel the sudden coolness of the wall against my back, then the sudden heat of his body against me up front.

He's hard. He grinds against my own hardness and my legs turn to Jell-O all of a sudden. He has to catch me to keep me from falling. He laughs and pins me even harder to the wall, then purrs, "I got you Tobe, I got you."

Yeah, you got me all right. Heart, mind, body & soul. And it is this prison of his I don't ever want to escape. Not when he's pushing my t-shirt, up and over, ever so slowly. Not when I feel his calloused hands moving down, down, down, toward the most sensitive parts of my body. His touch is like sandpaper, yet gentle like crushed velvet. He feels the trousers off my body, as though they were made of rice paper.

"You ok there Tobe?" he murmurs, one hand still holding me in place, while the other slips underneath my boxers, feeling, sliding, stroking. All I can manage is a series of small gasps in response to his question. He chuckles, "Yeah, you're more than ok, aren't you baby?"

"Chris," I whimper.

He smiles, beautifully. "I'm gonna take good care of you, Toby," he promises, as he picks me up & moves me to his bed. He lays me down gently.

He eyes me ravenously as he strips away the rest of my clothing, eliciting small moans out of me, as well as pre-come. I want to touch him so badly, but he won't let me, yet. My whole body tingles. Helpless, all I can do is watch him undress, slowly, seductively. He peels off his wife-beater, baring taut muscle after taut muscle, from his abs to his pecks, revealing hardened nipples in the process. God, he's hard all over!

"Toby, baby, you like what you see?" he teases as he moves closer with his hard-on straining to tear through his pants. He brushes his hand along the outline of his hardened cock then slides his middle finger upward, alongside the zipper ever. so. slowly. "Chris," I plead.

A low, husky laugh erupts from his chest and spills from his lips like honey. He strips off the rest of his clothing and straddles me, rubbing his boner against mine.

"You wanna touch me?" he asks, piercing me with his cobalt gaze.


"Then say it. Say it, then you can move."

"I'm yours," I say, breathlessly.

"Uh-uh, nope, you gotta do better than that Beech," he chides me softly, continuing the light rubbing of our cocks.

"I'm yours Chris. Heart, mind, body and soul, I'm all yours," I concede.

"Good answer, now you can touch me," he rasps.

Finally. I pull at him by the neck, bringing his lips crashing onto mine, my tongue sliding into his mouth, tasting tongue, teeth, and gums. I frantically grab at his body, my fingers digging deep into flesh, sinew, and muscle, trying to absorb his body into mine. I sit up and move my mouth to his nipples, sucking, lapping, licking, biting. "Fuck, Toby, aw fuck!" he growls. He grinds into me, hard.

"Fuck me, Chris, please! Fuck me hard!" I beg. Panting heavily, he pushes me back down and begins to dislodge himself from my body. I panic at the loss. "No!" I cry.

"Shhh, it's ok baby," he consoles, "Just trying to come back from the brink is all. You're so fuckin' hot Tobe. Too fuckin' hot, you know that?"

No, actually, I don't. I should. He tells me often enough. The lust I see in his eyes all the time should be enough to warrant that belief in me. But for some reason, I can't bring myself to actually believe it. I don't say anything. All I do is allow my eyes to take their fill of him. God, he's so beautiful, so sexy, all flushed and breathy, trying to come back from the edge, so he can make love to me longer, make it last. He's leaning over me slightly, breathing deeply. The muscles in his arms flex with every breath. The slight sheen of sweat on his chest and stomach captures the little bits of light filtering in from the outside

Watching me watch him, he whispers, "You're sweet baby." He grabs hold of my ankle, moving his lips along my calf with little kisses, then graduating to tongue and teeth when he reaches my thigh. When he gets to my groin, he breathes deeply, "You smell sweet, too." I feel his lips move along my still-hard cock with soft, dry kisses, until he reaches the tip. Here, he licks the pre-come, closing his eyes, seeming to savor the taste. "And you taste sweet," he sighs. All this has me trembling uncontrollably, mewling like a kitten, "Chris, please," over and over again.

"Say that again," he breathes. So I say it for him, again and again, until he's covering every inch of my cock with his mouth, constricting his throat as he swallows me whole. I forget how to breathe for a moment when he runs his tongue along the length of my dick, from head to base and then back again. With impish delight dancing in his sapphire blue eyes he dips the tip of his tongue into the slit of my cock, like a hummingbird drinking nectar. He sucks his way down to my balls, taking one then the other into that little wet heaven. I'm close to coming, so he backs off, telling me to wait.

He stretches his body over mine and sucks on my lower lip, flicking his tongue inside my mouth, teasing, until I'm moaning. I wrap my limbs tightly around him, trying to melt into him. His kisses become deeper, more feverish, more devouring. We begin another slow grind and we keep a steady pace.

He breaks the kiss first, so we can breathe. "I love you Chris," I sigh. He stops moving against me momentarily, and looks into my eyes. He runs his hand alongside my forehead and cheek, kisses me softly, then he reaches under the pillow for the lube I know is there. I allow my limbs to unfold from him. He pins me with a look of wonder mixed with desire, as he squeezes a generous amount of lube onto his fingers and proceeds to open me up. I close my eyes, feeling his fingers probing, massaging me, relaxing my muscles. He locates my prostate and strokes it relentlessly until I'm writhing underneath him, gasping, "Chris, please, I need you inside me now!"

I'm on the verge of tears when he pulls his fingers out. He squeezes more lube and applies it to his erection. He positions himself above me, placing my legs on his shoulders and leans forward, putting his hands on either side of my head. "I love you too Toby," he confesses then penetrates me slowly. I gasp sharply at the initial pain I feel. He waits until I nod for him to continue. He propels himself forward, driving even deeper into me, until he's fully sheathed. He waits for me to look into his eyes before continuing. When he finds what he's looking for he begins to move again. Pleasure ripples through me and I'm holding onto his arms, softly crying out his name, "Chris. Chris. Chris." Our momentum picks up after he lowers my legs to his waist and he begins kissing me. He plunges into me, nailing my prostate harder and deeper with each thrust. I begin to buck underneath him, burrowing my fingers into his flesh, holding onto him like a life preserver. Our breathing progresses to grunts and moans.

"Toby, come for me baby," he exhales, "Come for me now!"

He grabs my throbbing erection and pulls and pumps it until I come screaming his name "Chris!" He swallows the rest of my cries with his mouth, ramming into me over and over again, until he explodes violently inside me, filling me with what feels akin to liquid fire.

"You're my heaven, Toby," he breathes into my neck, my limbs still enveloping him, "You're my heaven."

We shift slightly to our sides, our arms and legs still entwined. As I watch him drift off to sleep, I think once again how much I feel safe in the arms of a killer. I barely notice flashlights off in the distance, signaling the end to our little bit of bliss in this hell. I kiss him gently, so as not to wake him, before making my way back to my bunk.

The End.

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