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English is not my mother tongue. This is morbid as hell.

The black wedding

by RogueMarch

This was my first thingy written for the fandom. It was written for the 'Dia de muertos' (Day of the death) mexican celebration and it's is based on the song 'Boda Negra' by Ana Gabriel.

The black wedding

Pairing: B/K AU

Notes: Very dark, Keller is the main character. (But my LJ peeps said - and I agree-, it could be either way)

Hear the story once told by my grandfather,

the old gravedigger of my hometown.

It was about a lover whom by ungodly luck

lost his sweet love by the hands of the Grimm reaper.

He had to say an untimely goodbye,

hating fate with all his might;

in life social position and gender,

were society's obstacles for them to fight.

Every night he went to the cemetery,

to visit the tomb of his beloved.

The towns people murmured in mystery:

"He is a dead man who escaped the grave yard"

One horrible night He destroyed

the marble pieces of the elegant tomb,

dug the earth and took in his arms

the rigid skeleton of his beloved.

And back in the sad and gloomy bedroom,

only illuminated by a lonely candle,

He seated the cold bones by his side,

And exchanged wedding vows.

He tied the naked bones with ribbons,

the bare skull crowned with flowers,

the horrid mouth covered with kisses,

and smiling proclaimed his never ending love.

He put his eternal love in the soft thalamus,

As in love as the first day, nestled closer against the corpse

and embraced tight to the frigid skeleton,

He went to sleep forever.
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