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Written for "In Oz Drabble Tree No One Can Hear You Scream". Prompt: Everything was a lot simpler then.

The Righteous Path

by levitatethis

She loved her husband with her entire soul, but marriage brought its own set of complications along for the ride. It wasn't a bad thing--just a fact.

They didn't always get along and there were days, when an argument rattled the confines of her brain, when she wondered if she really knew the man she had sworn to love and honour for the rest of their lives. But then she'd see that flash of familiarity in his expression right before they made up when she knew any doubts were groundless.

Life in Oz is forever an uphill battle. Every day she walks through the gates and meets with men fated within those walls. She can't help but look back on her married years and think everything was a lot simpler then. Here every conversation is a manipulation, a confession, a plea, and a death sentence.

She'd never admit it out loud, but it was easier when Christ--God--was more of an abstract notion in her life.
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