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  • Do not include any titles, author byline, or header information (author notes, etc.) in the story text file itself. Story title, author, and author notes from the upload form will be automatically inserted into the file. Your story file should begin with the first line of actual story text.
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  • If a story is incomplete, please indicate what part of the story is being archived in the Title field. (example: My First Oz Story, Part One.) When uploading subsequent parts of the story, enter the EXACT title of the previous part into the Sequel field and the parts of the story will be automatically linked in search results.
  • Please do not include special characters (exclamation points, question marks, ampersands, etc.) in author names. For security purposes, we cannot accept these characters.
  • Warnings are optional on Unit-B, but please do at least give your story a rating to let readers know the overall level of intensity they can expect, even if you don't give specific content warnings. You may also choose to use a more general warning that might encompass other warning categories if you don't want to spoil your story content.
  • Please double-check all the information you have included before submitting! You may preview as many times as you need to in order to make sure your story looks the way it should.
  • You MUST turn previewing OFF to actually archive the story!

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Adebisi Adebisi/m
Alvarez Alvarez/Mukada
Alvarez/O’Reily Alvarez/Torquemada
Alvarez/m Beecher
Beecher/Keller Beecher/O’Reily
Beecher/Schillinger Beecher/f
Beecher/m Bellinger
Hill Howell
Keller Keller/f
Keller/O’Reily Keller/m
McManus McManus/Murphy
McManus/f McManus/m
Murphy Murphy/O’Reily
Mukada Mukada/m
Nathan Nathan/O’Reily
O’Reily O’Reily/f
O’Reily/m Cyril O’Reily
Said Said/f
Said/m Sr. Pete
Schillinger Schillinger/m
Whittlesey Whittlesey/m
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