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Welcome to the second year of Boom, Boom, Baby!

This is a challenge instituted to celebrate the fact that more than seven years after the last episode aired, there's still life in OZ - and the 2010 Big Bang shows that's truer than ever.

When we set out to host a Big Bang and set a requirement of 25,000 words, we wanted to encourage authors to stretch a little bit, to get out on the yard, to challenge themselves to produce some of the longer work they'd considered but hadn't committed to writing. We also knew we had to get our fandom's talented artists in the mix. From the beginning, we've had an amazing amount of interest in the challenge - interest that's only grown in our second year, thanks to the groundwork laid by 2009's inaugural participants and the encouraging response of the fandom. When we began organizing for this year's round of Boom, Boom, Baby! there was never any question of whether to continue the challenge.

Our pool of participants in 2010 expanded to include many newcomers, as well as some of 2009's tried-and-true. We finished this year's Big Bang with the work of five writers who produced six stories that add up to nearly a quarter of a million words. The stories have been illustrated by six artists who created fantastic pieces to accompany them.

Our sincerest thanks go to everyone who participated in this second annual OZ Big Bang, including authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders, friends and community members. Special thanks to our pinch-hitters, Beechercreature and Natlet, who stepped up at the last minute to help make the Big Bang a success. Rustler deserves additional thanks and kudos for providing a unit to house the challenge and for once again designing and producing the site.

To our prospective readers, thanks to those of you who've encouraged us all while we were putting this together and to those of you who are just now checking us out. We already have plans in the works for next year, and we hope to see new and familiar faces when we throw open the doors for the 2011 round of Boom, Boom, Baby! But for now, check out and enjoy this year's stories and artwork - and don't forget to send feedback to the authors, artists and designers who made it possible!

- Marylex (Mary the Fan), Ozsaur and Trillingstar

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