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New Red Sweater
Huh.  Clark's grandmother's not feeling well.  He's got a basket of treats to cheer her up.  And a fancy new red sweater.  Wait...who's that in her bed?

Rated: R
Fairy-tale rip-off


due South

I like due South, but I'm scared to try and write dS fic.  Usually.   This isn't great, but it was fun to write.


This is a response to a scary story/last man on Earth challenge on the Serge list.
Death Story
Rated: R



My Sister's Pregnant with an Alien Love Baby!

Hot Lovin', Alien Style!

Both parody, Enquirer-style news articles. 
Rated:  PG, I guess.

due South, Roswell, Smallville and all related characters, situations, and settings do not belong to me.  No copyright infringement intended.  Little Red Riding Hood isn't mine either.

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